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Q: What does ERTO stand for?

A: ERTO is an abbreviation for Edo-Rhenania zu Tokio.


Q: I noticed Edo-Rhenania is part of a Catholic umbrella association. Do I have to be Catholic to join?

A: No, Edo-Rhenania is a special case in which members do not have to be Christian to join.


Q: Do I need to speak German?

A: We are a very international fraternity, and anyone who has an interest is welcome. Most members speak Japanese, German, or English.


Q: Is there a membership fee?

A: There is a membership fee of 3,000 yen per semester. Most of our costs are defrayed by the alumni.


Q: Can girls join?

A: Unfortunately, we only accept male members as part of the fraternity tradition. Females, however, are welcome to join us for events.

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