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Steps to Becoming a Full Member

Get in Touch

The first step to becoming a member of our fraternity is to come to one of our regular events. For more information about our events please check our calendar or get in touch with one of our student leaders.

Become a Pledge

If you think that committing to the fraternity is for you, let one of our full members know that you are interested, and we will prepare your initiation as a pledge. Pledges are not qualified to fully represent the fraternity, but have decreased responsibilities. Being a pledge is a continuous process of learning about fraternity traditions that usually takes two semesters. Pledges wear a sash of the following colors: White, Black, and White.

Become a Full Member

After learning enough about the inner workings and traditions of Edo-Rhenania, you will have the opportunity to become a full member. After passing an exam and being voted in by the council of the fraternity, pledges are admitted as full members. Full members can vote on matters concerning the fraternity at the council, be nominated for one of the positions administering the fraternity, and organize events. They also officially get to represent Edo-Rhenania in interaction with other fraternities. Your colors are now: Gold, Black, and White. Congratulations!

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